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'Nations' was the last track written for the EP. It was written the week before the album was released and was the last one to be mixed. It was completed just in time to slip the discs into the stockings.


i think its time you noticed me
i think its time you stepped into the fight
remember, november, you held yourself up to the light

i think its you opened up
i think its time you felt our memory
remember, november, december, holidays you spent with me

i think its time our nations looked
deep inside and close at what you took
remember my whole, my whole nation that you shook

oooh oooh
remember november
remember december

ba ba da ba

so tell me what you know
and tell it to me slow
i'm sorry i can't let you leave
until i can't let go
so tell me whats within
please tell me how to win
i'll interrogate you till the end
just to find out where you've been

half the reasons you've gone away
are still the ones that i would stay
and i can barely sleep at night
with pounding drums as our memories fight
i surrender here, i have no more
your treaties signed, you've won the war

you still wage war while i can't sleep
withdraw your troops its getting deeper
it's been three years since you've seen me
but i see you you haunt my dreaming
i'm begging now, i'm on my knees
come back to me or let me sleep
hold me close, or let me loose
our nations signed you have your truce
please just let me sleep tonight
stop the drums and the memory fights
im leaving you and im moving through
im rebuilding more since
since you won the war


from Hard Holidays EP, released December 25, 2007
written and produced by jonAthan


all rights reserved



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